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I pretty much always recommend building a landing page instead of direct linking to an offer, so in this post I would like to show you how to set up a landing page for your PPV campaigns.

As you probably already know, PPV marketing allows you to get very cheap traffic (from $0.015 per view) and very targeted traffic (you choose the country, keywords and urls). The most challenging part in the process of making a profitable PPV campaign is probably connecting the right audience with the right offer.

The single most important element here is the landing page because it connects people with your offer and it determines on how many people will click through and see your offer.

Let’s say you’ve just found the offer you want to promote and you want to make a landing page for your PPV campaign. The size of your landing page depends on the PPV network you work with.

Use this tool to preview your offer/landing page for your PPV network:


View Traffic Vance Pop Up

View Media Traffic Pop Up

View Lead Impact Pop Up

View AdOn Network Pop Under

View DirectCPV Pop Up

Now that you know your landing page size, you can start making one. You can use this tool again later to preview your actual landing page.

How To Make A Landing Page

There are couple of ways that you can use to quickly make a landing page for your offer.

1. Make a screenshot of the offer page

This is probably the fastest way to make a landing page for your PPV campaign. All you need to do is to go to the website of your offer and take a screenshot of the page. You can then cut the most important part (the headline for example and call to action buttons) and simply use that image as your landing page.

You need to make sure that it looks good in the popup window. If it doesn’t, try to adjust the size. You also need to add a hyperlink to that image so the whole image will work as a button that redirects visitors to your offer page.

Here is the simple code you need to make such a landing page:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<a href="http://www.youraffiliatelink.com"><img border="0" src="http://www.website.com/image.jpg">

Of course, replace “http://www.youraffiliatelink.com” with your offer link and “http://www.website.com/image.jpg” with your image link. You can simply copy and paste that code into notepad and save the file as “index.html” and upload it to your server.

2. Make your own image

Instead of taking a screenshot of the page, you can also make an image yourself. You can use any image editing program and make a simple image that will be your landing page.

You should include:

  • Headline
  • Subheadline or paragraph
  • Image
  • Some bullet points
  • Call to action button

3. Advanced landing pages

Simple “one image” landing pages can work really well but if you really want to stand out from most of the other advertisers, you should make your landing page a little bit different.

You can add some more advanced elements to your landing page such as:

  • auto playing audio/video
  • geo targeting script
  • fake popup message

Geo targeting example:

Click HERE to open up a sample landing page with enabled city geo targeting.

As you’ve probably noticed, this geo targeting script allows you to display the name of your visitor’s city. That will instantly grab attention of the visitor and they are more likely to see your entire page and do what you want them to do.

Here is how you can add a feature like this to your landing page:

1. Add this java script code before </head> tag in your html file:

<script language="JavaScript" src="http://j.maxmind.com/app/geoip.js"></script>

2. Add this piece of code where you want to display visitor’s city name:

<script language="JavaScript">document.write(geoip_city());</script>

Fake popup example:

This type of landing page can be very powerful. Click through rate is extremely high and it allows you to get a lot of clicks and views on your actual offer page where you can monetize the offer you promote.

Here is how it would look like if I wanted to target unfoldads.com visitors:

Click HERE to open up a sample landing page with “fake popup” and city geo targeting.

This example page is optimized for 800×600 window and it works really well with PPV traffic. You can make the whole landing page like this as “one image” page and add your affiliate link as a hyperlink on that image.

This landing page type is great when you want to target one URL because the whole landing page is customized to look like the target page. That is why people trust it and they are very likely to read your text in the “fake popup” message and click on it.

I hope you can see the power of this landing page type because it can really work well.

Take Action

These were examples of some of the most effective landing pages. They are all fairly simple to create and yet very powerful.

Give them a try in your next PPV campaign and you will get an idea on the results you can expect and always try to test new things to improve your campaign’s success.

More PPV tips are coming soon…

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